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„Everything decays at a certain speed and time following a purely chance driven system.“

Space is continuously pervaded with radiation. Every material constantly absorbs and emits radiation originating from decay processes of isotopes located within the material. As well the viewers and the work aloop which generates its visual appearance according to the specific decay processes within the site of its installation. A sensor detects the emitted radiation and transfers the signals with the help of leds located at both ends of a versatile horizontal axis into a constantly changing dynamic light pattern. Suddenly the invisible gets more explicit, a specific potential of the room gets perceivable reality.

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  • title: aloop
  • year: 2011
  • size: 4 m x 4 m x variable
  • material: aluminium, stainless steel, carbon, leds, geiger counter, solenoid, power supplies, motor, misc. electronic parts, software
  • collaboration with Markus Hoffmann

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