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„Everything decays at a certain speed and time following a purely chance driven system.“

The work aloop Tokyo Berlin is the assembly of the project aloop net Tokyo Berlin and the installation aloop. A box located at the Museum of Contemporary Art Toyko measures its sitespecific background radiation. When a decay is detected, a signal is transmitted via internet to Berlin, where it triggers the kinetic light installation aloop, located at the TU Berlin. The installation aloop is as well equipped with a sensor and transmits the signals to Tokyo, where it induces a fade from white to black on a monitor within in the box. The visitors can become part of the project by viewing the website and spreading the signals. The right side of the page represents decay processes measured in Tokyo, the left side represents Berlin. Aloop Tokyo Berlin is the third cooperative work of the collaboration between Lucas Buschfeld & Markus Hoffmann, founded in 2011.

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  • title: aloop tokyo berlin
  • year: 2011 / 2012
  • collaboration with Markus Hoffmann
  • project at the museum of contemporary art tokyo and the tu berlin
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