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Piano [pjano‘] - the plan, the program, the plane, the platform (adv.) slowly, lightly, gently

Piano is a platform for intervention and decelerated locomotion in the open and public space. A vehicle and a starting point for encounters in the social context, for temporary influence on collective reality that is not static and tied to a certain place but negotiable and mobile. Its also a platform for nomadic living and work in progress (movement) and thus by affecting ones own personal environment serves as a catalyst for creative processes.

The installation looks like a space capsule on the back of the small three-wheeled Italian commercial vehicle. A futuristic debris on a car that already denies certain familar design conventions. The Piano project deals with various theories as well as application-related aspects from the fields of art, design, architecture and sociology. A transformable space, a platform was created on the loading area of the small Ape. The precise design, the use of lightweight materials and some industrially prefabricated elements succeed in the lightweight expansion of space, in the deconvolution to a functional room on the one hand and a formally idiosyncratic object on the other.

Thus a maximum of shape, surface and gain is created through a minimum of space, material and weight. The multiform, modular and mobile setup for working, living, interventions, location-based processes and performative activities is contrary to the popular notion the city, the cultural space is a rather fixed and stationary construct - and thus it is also a reference to the urban utopias propagated by avant-garde archtitecture groups such as Superstudio, Archizoom, Archigram or Ant Farm, which - as well as the Ape - have their temporal and spatial origin mainly in Italy in the 50s and 60s.

Working with cars is especially interesting as they are not only quite a strong symbol of our age, but most directly express the relationship of man and machine and as almost no other readymade embody statements about the time, the origin and the cultural context of their creation. They define a room - a private room, which moves freely in the public space - a vehicle that defines, separates and connects spaces. In its defined varied form the work presents itself as a standalone art installation on the one hand, but a the same time it serves as a base and means for further works and processes on the other hand and thus influences external social situations such as inner creative processes by sending and receiving new impressions.


Piano is a platform for interventions in public space, mobile living and working. Aluminium pipes, pipe joints and strained steel cables build a scaffold mounted on the flatbed of a Piaggio Ape P501. The small, strong and incredibly agile mobile can advance into the smallest corners of urban and natural spaces and instantaneously create variable ephemeral rooms. The modular system allows the versatile design of various space concepts of different consistency. Fluid rooms that connect with their surroundings. The foldable legs and struts are adjusted and strained by robust tension belts. This network of tension and compression results in an extremely stable structure with a good distribution of forces. A key element are the 10 plates, which can be trapped in the skeleton in 2 rows at 5 pieces. They not only form the 2 to 3m large platform at about 2m height, they also build the basis of shape and function of the different possible rooms. A third of each plate can be erected so that they function as a table on the platform. As the plate can be integrated into the framework in both directions, the table can be either at the outside or in the center of the platform. In addition each panel can as well be set up beyond the platform as a sturdy table on the ground. Again, one part of the table can be lifted up, resulting in a table with two levels, providing an ehanced functionality. A partially or completely closed space is formed by a tent over the platform.

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  • title: piano
  • year: 2015 ( ongoing project )
  • size: approx. 3m x 4.5m x 5m to variable
  • material: piaggio ape p501, aluminium, stainless steel, tension belts, wood, brass, fabric

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