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A black painted flat steel cone with a diameter of 1.8m is placed on a tripod in a dark space. A black painted steel cylinder attached to the ceiling floats above the flat basin. Hidden inside the cylinder, next to a UV light source, is an apparatus that drops single soap bubbles at regular intervals into the conical basin, so that these bubbles continuously pile up on top of each other. The soap solution contains fluorescent substances which are stimulated to fluoresce by the UV fluorescent lamps. In this network of soap bubbles, the intersecting lines and intersecting points of two or more bubbles contain considerably more liquid and therefore a much stronger luminance. Due to the rather coarse structure and the increased conciseness of the lines and intersections, the overall appearance is more reminiscent of a model representation of net-based systems and structures than of ordinary foam. Due to the continuous decay and formation of individual bubbles, the entire system is in a state of constant reorganization. Local changes continue through the web structure. The viewer witnesses the incredible grace of a natural construction principle in permanent transformation.
Artwork One, 2016–2017
Material black powder coated steel, aluminium, uv fluorescent tubes, fluorescent soapsuds, peristaltic pump, fan, motor, various electronic parts
Dimension 1.8 x 1.8 x 3 m (w x d x h)