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An analog electromechanical-optical apparatus projects a rotating foam structure and simultaneously moves the focal plane back and forth. The slow double scanning (linear and circular) of a three-dimensional structure results in an almost spatially perceivable, constantly changing image in the two-dimensional projection. Due to mechanical and optical properties and laws, the two movements describe a sinusoidal curve, which leads to very natural and complex motion sequences and patterns.

Since the foam structure not only obstructs the light like a two-dimensional slide projection, but also reflects and refracts it, several effects can be observed in the projection. As usual with soap bubbles, interference effects occur which break down the white light into its spectral components. Reflected and deflected by the surfaces of the soap bubbles, fragments of light move away from the center of the projection or vice versa, depending on whether the projection lens moves forward or backward. This creates a constantly oscillating, sometimes "exploding", sometimes "imploding" movement in the projection.
Artwork Unity, 2019–2020 (upcoming)
Material aluminium (black anodized, plain), glass, glass bulb, lens, full spectrum led, motors, pump, soapy water, various electronic and mechanical parts
Dimension (Apparatus) 770 x 340 mm
Dimension variable